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Soil Security and Climate Change

Ground Breaking

Philip mulvey
& freya mulvey

Reaching zero emissions alone won’t stop the Earth heating up. There’s another factor at play, even bigger than rising greenhouse gas levels: agricultural land use, and it is turning the world’s bread baskets into deserts. In south west Western Australia, the ‘Bunny Fence Experiment’, the world’s largest study of two contrasting land uses in the same vast region, showed strong evidence that clearing and cropping was the reason why rainfall over the Wheat Belt has dropped 20 per cent in the lifetime of some of us.

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Everyone knows Mrs Danvers as a byword for menace in Hitchcock's Rebecca and as a poster girl for lesbians in the movies. But only dedicated fans know her brilliant creator. This book tells Judith Anderson's life story for the first time. It recovers her career as one of the great stars of stage and television and an important character actress in film.

Judith Anderson

Australian Star. First Lady of the American Stage
My Father, Ted Docker book cover

Growing up Communist and Jewish in Bondi

My Father, Ted Docker Volume 1

Ted Docker was an Australian of Irish descent who as a young man wanted to change the world, joining first the Industrial Workers of the World and then helping form the Communist Party of Australia. He was steadfastly loyal to the Soviet Union and by historical record a stern hard-liner. This is not the whole story.

My Mother, Elsie Levy

Growing up Communist and Jewish in Bondi

My Mother, Elsie Levy Volume 2

Elsie Levy was born in the Jewish East End of London, came to Sydney with her family when she was 14, and joined the Communist Party of Australia when she was a young woman. In this book, her son explores her disaporic Jewish identity, both English and Australian, and in the process journeys into Jewish cultural histories. 

I am Born

Growing up Communist and Jewish in Bondi

I am Born Volume 3

John Docker grew up in Bondi, the son of Communist parents, his mother Jewish from the East End of London and his father of Irish descent. His Bondi is not the site of sunny mindlessness but rather a place of intense immigrant and political life. This book traces his often comic experiences at Bondi Wellington Primary School and Randwick Boys High School.

The Continual Inner Search book cover

The Continual Inner Search


This book reconstructs the story of Roy Coupland Winn 1890-1963, Australia's first fulltime practising psychoanalyst, of whom it was said that he was 'dedicated to the continual inner search to understand himself and others'.

The Life Roy Winn
A Life on the Line book cover

When the author was a kid, a big white sleek ambulance squatted like a lion in the driveway next door, always ready to go, and sometimes it did, roaring down the street. Today he is a MICA Flight Paramedic with decades of varied experience in 'a life of extremes' in an Australian ambulance service.

Bookshop edition available from Wilkinson Publishing

A Life on the Line

A MICA Flight Paramedic’s Story
Fred Hollows book cover
The Autobiography with Peter Corris
The #1 National Bestseller

Fred Hollows


This book first appeared in 1991, claiming it 'replenishes the sense of what is possible'. It still does. This edition shows what is possible being done daily, problems encountered and overcome, breakthroughs big and small, the spread of the work across the globe, how more and more people are getting modern eye care... and how The Foundation bearing Fred Hollows' name is setting up an ever accelerating attack on blindness the like of which has never been seen before.

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The Dark Side

Roger Rogerson

Roger Rogerson

The most controversial cop in Australian history, in his own words. Roger Rogerson hasn't been a police officer for more than 20 years. Yet his name makes him the most well-known 'detective-sergeant' in Australia. He has been the subject of articles, appearances, profiles and books; portrayed in TV dramas; and recorded by covert listening devices at home for months.

Wanted John & Lucy book cover
Rescue by Force Silverwater Prison 25 March 1999

Wanted John & Lucy

John Kerr

'There is a history with this gentleman of, shall we say, a reluctance to stay in custody.' - Detective Inspector Aldo Lorenzutta. On a sunny Thursday morning, in a helicopter near Silverwater Prison Complex, a woman pulled a gun from a shopping bag and said 'This is a hijack.' The pilot, options running out, dropped into the prison and lifted John Reginald Killick, armed robber and escapee, to freedom.

Am I Living with an Addict book cover

Am I Living with an Addict

Finding a Solution for Suffering Addicts and Families
Jackson Oppy

This book is not about drugs, it is about people. It is about those suffering from addiction and the struggles of the people around them. As well as describing how to identify if a loved one is in addiction, it provides clear information about the solution. With the right treatment addicts can recover. Jackson Oppy has walked the road he describes, knows the pain of addiction and knows the road back to wellness, wholeness and stable family and social life. 'Am I Living With an Addict?' is the route map to wellness.

Hellbent book cover

Hellbent: Ces Waters & Me

A Tale of Trust & Treachery, Truth & Lies
Margaret Wentworth

The Waters family amazed and inspired their neighbour Margaret Wentworth. She'd never met a man with bigger dreams than Ces, the charismatic father, nor one from such unpromising beginnings. He'd bashed, thieved and pimped in Manchester slums, did time and migrated to Australia. There he planned an assault on some of the world of sport's most glittering prizes. Sons Dean, Guy and Troy rose to dizzying heights. Troy came close to a world title in a San Diego boxing ring. On results, Ces Waters ranks among Australia's greatest trainers and motivators.

Neddy book cover


The Life and Crimes of Arthur Stanley Smith
Neddy Smith with Tom Noble

Neddy Smith's life story, smuggled out of Long Bay prison, created a sensation on publication. He wrote that:

  • Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson and other NSW police gave him a rare 'green light' to rob, bash, deal drugs, whatever... without fear of arrest.

  • He robbed payrolls, dealt heroin and took full advantage

  • He was the star witness at ICAC hearings into police corruption that changed policing in NSW

And he wrote it like he was telling it in a pub - immediate, compelling, straight from the shoulder. This is the book that inspired the TV drama, Blue Murder.